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Mike Devries
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"I like TATSoul as a company and they are a good addition to the tattoo industry. They care about the industry, where it's been and where it's going. Their tubes and needles they produce are one of a kind, quality controlled...

Wrath tubes are one of my favorites, the grip is easy on the hands, reduces vibration and the tip is designed perfectly for good ink flow, the slim design on the tips are great too.

The Envy needles are awesome! The more I use them the more I like them compared to many other brands I've used in the past. Keep up the hard work TATSoul. It’s much appreciated.

Mike Devries's official site"

MD Studios Northridge, CA
Jesse Smith
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"When I first started working with Tatsoul I was sifting through their products trying to figure out which ones most suited me. Right from the get go I fell in love with the Traditional 7 Liners and the Wrath tubes. I eventually made my way through their whole line and realized that everything I ordered held the same level of quality as the first round of products I tried from them. I feel good knowing that anything I order from Tatsoul is going to be top notch!

Jesse Smith's official site"

Loose Screw Tattoo Richmond, VA
David Corden (UK)
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"I have always used steel grips and tubes of various shapes and sizes and often been frustrated to find that my preferred ones hadn't finished sterilising in time so I had to make do with one that was bigger and heavier than I liked or that the tip was a more worn one which compromised the ink flow. After using the Wrath disposable tubes I am so impressed that I will be using nothing else from now on. To always have a fresh grip that has a perfect tip takes the worry away and the fact they are so light means no hand ache no matter what kind of long hours you put in. The rubber grip comes in various sizes and means no slip should you get ink or vaseline on your gloves. The tubes are clear which means that it is easy to see that your needle is running true and the fact that they are plastic means that the colours don't become contaminated.

The Envy needles are great with a nice long taper meaning great ink flow and effortless smooth shading, a truly killer combination!

David's Official Site"

Ritual Art Tattoo UK
Roman Abrego
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"The Envy needles are awesome. I have used all kinds of different needles over the last ten years and these are by far the best I have ever used. The quality and consistency of these needles are second to none. The Wrath Vortex Tubes are the best disposable tubes out there. i was amazed with how much they performed like traditional tubes. because of the lack of flex these tubes have I now am a firm believer in disposables and have been converted.

Roman's Facebook"

Artistic Element Beaumont, CA
Daniel "Roach" Rocha
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"I am really impressed with the taper of the Envy Needles and consistency of quality. For long sessions and proper healing a great needle is a must, and these are it!!! I recommend Envy Needles to all the artists that are serious and have the passion for quality.

Daniel's Instagram"

Roach Las Vegas
Ryan Hadley
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"These are the most consistent needles I've ever used. They are perfect for getting those smooth blends (color and black & gray). The Wrath Tubes are an industry best for disposable tubes as well!


Ryan Hadley Studios Fort Wayne, IN
Chris Saint Clark
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"I wanted to write and say how much I love your product, and tell you what it has done for my artwork. I am a black and gray tattoo artist specializing in realism and portraiture, I have been tattooing for 13yrs. For the first few I used the standard #12 needles making my own configurations until I went to premades a friend and mentor suggested your product to me and i haven't stopped using it since.

My gray wash blends are dramatically smoother using Envy needles. I own a very well published and heavily awarded studio named Kustom Thrills in Nashville, TN. We are very strict about the products we use and stand by the companies that provide us the best  for our clients.

I will be recommending TATSoul Envy needles in my seminar and book on black and gray realism. They work very well for me and I am proud to say I use them.


Kustom Thrills Tattoo Nashville, TN
Nick Malasto
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"If you're looking for a consistent crafted product that works right every time you should probably go with TATSoul.  The Wrath tubes are a much needed improvement in the industry when it comes to disposable tubes. Every thing that you love about disposable and steelys wrapped into one tube, it's perfect!  The needles are flawless every time making life as a high end tattoo artist much easier. I put 110% into every tattoo that I do, and I want my supplier to do the same, that's why I have chosen TATSoul.

Nick's Official Site"

Holier Than Thou Tattoo & Art Gallery Wyoming, PA
Liz Cook
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"Wrath Tubes...
I have never liked the weight of steel tubes, so when I came across TATSoul Wrath tubes I was hooked instantly. Excellent ink flow, always consistent, very little needle friction, light and comfortable in the hand especially during long sessions. These tubes really have become a necessity for me, at home, and on the road...They Fukn rock!
Needles and tubes...
I'm fussy about the supplies I use and my tube and needle set up is very important to me. TATSoul doesn't let me down, with consistent, well made needles, and disposable tubes that have excellent ink flow, a comfortable grip, a tip that won't bog your machine down or spin in the grip, Wrath Tubes surpass anything else on the market.

Liz's Official Site"

Rebel Muse Texas
Sean Herman
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"1. How do you like the needles?
I love them.
2. What do you like about the needles?
 I liked how they held the ink.  I was able to use less ink, and get a constant line with the liners.  The shaders also had the same effect, where I was able to get a more consistent flow of ink, so I didn’t have to work as hard.
3. Why should other Artist buy these needles?
For the same reason I was saying earlier, it helped create a consistent flow of ink, so I wasn’t wasting as much, and getting everything done quicker, with less work.


Royal Street Tattoo Alabama
Dave Kruseman
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"I have been going at this trade for 16 years, and have used disposable tubes for everything for about 6 of those years. The Wrath tubes from TATSoul, in my opinion, are hands down my favorite tubes. I have used the Wrath Vortex diamonds, rounds and flats. These tubes are super sturdy and don't flex at all. I am very comfortable using them and like that my clients are getting a 100% quality and safe tattoo. I have scrubbed hundreds of thousands of tubes in my time and it is so nice to take that step out of my daily routine. Not only are you getting a quality tube from TATSoul, but these guys are real easy to work with. They are on top of their business and don't slow me down one bit. I like that too!


Forever Yours Gallery Atlanta, GA
Dan Marshall
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"I have always supported the fact that longer taper = less trauma = quicker heal = smoother blends and brighter tones. I generally don't use any large round liner or curved shaders. However, yesterday I used a TATSoul Envy curved 15m and it performed really well.


Tribulation Tattoo New York
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"I’ve been tattooing for 16 years now. In the past 7-8 years I’ve been using only pre-made needles, and disposable plastic tubes. After many trials with different companies worldwide,  I finally found Wrath tubes, which are, by far, the best quality and most precise plastic tubes ever to be made. They are the most resembling to a metal tube- very thin hard plastic, comfortable grips, and clear for better control cleaning when applying different color pigments. All that extra attention and effort for the same market prices as all the others.

Envy Needles are also top quality and under constant supervision of professional tattoo artists, which keeps them consistently top grade with all the variations in groupings and types, to fit for any artist and their style.
Both needles and tubes are very highly recommended!!!


Tribulation Tattoo NY
Goethe Silva
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"1. How do you like the needles?
2. What do you like about the needles?

3. Why should other Artist buy these needles?



Prehispanic Images Upland, CA
Mike Ledger
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"I have been making my own needles for the past 20 years, never interested in using pre-made needles. Since using the Envy Needles, I have been very impressed with the quality and consistency of the needles!  Really impressed with the range of needles, I was shocked that they had the single needles even, up to the large number mags.  Any tattooist could rely on these needles any way you work, from color to black and gray and all the liners, just high quality.  All I got to say is try some, use them and you'll be hooked.


Mike Ledger Inc Palolo Valley, Hawaii
Marshall Bennett
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"1. How do you like the needles?
I immediately liked TATSoul Envy needles

2. What do you like about the needles?
TATSoul Envy Liners are tight and deliver consistent, crisp line work. I am very particular about needles I use for black and gray realism and found it easy to achieve a smooth gray-wash with less effort for less trauma to skin, consistent color blending as well.

3. Why should other Artist buy these needles?
Clean, crisp line work, smooth gray-wash and consistent color blending, also, the many different needle groups available are reasons artist should buy TATSoul Envy Needles.


Eternal Tattoos Inc. USA
Nate Fierro
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"Consistency is important to me. No elf boots here! Tastsoul's Envy needles can be trusted to work consistent and are spectacular. The artists here at the shop love the needles.

Nate's Official Site"

High Voltage Tattoo Hollywood, CA
Steve Soto
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"Few companies can compete with Tatsoul Envy needles and Wrath disposable tubes due to their superior production techniques and quality of the materials used. While striving to tattoo at a top competitive level, their quality products are essential to do so, try them like I did and you will always continue to use them. Currently TATSoul Envy curved bugpin needles are the the best and most consistent curved mags for my style of tattooing. Also really diggin the bugpin liners.

Steve Soto's official site"

Good Fellas Tattoo Tustin, CA
Jim Sylvia
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"The Wrath Tubes are the best disposable tubes in the industry. I have worked with steel tips, tubes and grips for most of my tattooing career. Once I started traveling, I used many different disposables from many other companies. Unsatisfied with all of them, until I found the Wrath Tubes from TATSoul. They are the best quality and most precise, I recommend them to everyone!

Jim Sylvia's official site"

Unbreakable Studio City, CA
Ivano Natale
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"TATSoul provides the highest quality disposable tubes and needles in the tattoo industry!

From the tight liners to the bugpin mags,their consistency suits my tattooing needs more than any other product I've ever used.

Ivano's facebook"

Goodfellas OC, CA
Coty Vondracek
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"The Wrath Tubes are by far the best tubes out there. When I switched from stainless steel to disposables my work improved dramatically and with the new Gen 2 open mag tip and hourglass style grip makes for an ideal combination. I've used pretty much every brand of needle out there and Envy Needles by far give me the best results; less trauma to the skin, more saturation and perfect blending for black and grey as well as color. TATSoul works super hard for the industry so everytime I set up I know I am in good hands and so are my clients.

Coty's Facebook"

Envision Tattoo Grand Terrace
Adam Lauricella
Highslide JS
"I prefer the TATSoul Envy Traditional Needles to others on the market. These needles are extremely consistent. Their traditional groupings hold ink very well. Simply put, Envy Traditional 9 liners makes bold, single pass outlines helping to give my tattoos the look I want.

Whenever I turn to a disposable tube, I always choose the TATSoul Wrath Vortex. The tubes are molded very well. The tips are consistent and the back stems fit correctly in my machines. You can tell these tubes are monitored for quality. The grips are really comfortable, and there's great ink flow.

Adam's Official Site"

Graceland Tattoo Wappingers Falls, NY