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Martini Machines Moko (Limited)
Price: €413

Availability: IN STOCK

Model Introduction

The Martini Machines Moko is a limited edition Martini Machine that features either black/white or orange python skin coil covers, and has a 1 Shilling coin from New Zealand (1970-1980) inlaid in the frame. This show piece machine is configured to be used with smaller mags (7-11) for color and grey wash. There are only 40 of these machines made per year.


Light at 0.18 kg

  • One-piece Cast Iron
  • No welds, screws
  • Hand cut springs
  • Hand wound coils
  • Sterling Silver contact screws
About Martini Machines

These Italian handmade instruments are not only works of art in design, they are truly masterpieces in function. Every machine is hand crafted by Jim Martini using the finest materials and tuned to perfection based on 22 years of experience.
  • Low Voltage - This machine only require 4-6 V on the power supply, which means less heat and vibration resulting in smoother operation and much longer durability.
  • Smoothness - Smoothest machines money can buy minimizing bleeding and trauma to the skin.
  • Low Maintenance - All machines need maintenance, but the craftsmanship and materials make this machine much easier to maintain.
  • Superior Tube Chuck - Designed to work with all types of tubes, even disposable ones.
  • Life Time Warranty - You'll never need to worry about your machine breaking down, these premium machines are backed by our commitment on quality.
  • Made In Italy