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Mr. 100 Fast Liner - Light Blue
Price: £270.00

Availability: IN STOCK

Brandyn Feldman's focus on creating a true traditional machine has taken his machines to another level. Used by many of the world's best traditional artists, these machines are all hand-tuned to perfection by Brandyn himself.

  • Weight = 6.8 oz
  • Alloy Steel Frame
  • Type = Liner
  • Construction = Steel Alloy
  • Coils = 3/8, 8 wrap
  • A-Bar = Medium/Regular
  • Springs = .018 Front .016 Rear Plus O-Ring
  • Contact = Bronze Screw

  • American Made, Quality Parts
  • Electrical Binding Posts
  • Bronze Contact
  • Handmade and Fine-Tuned by a Tattoo Artist for a Tattoo Artist
  • High Polish finish on all parts
  • 0 Heat Power
  • *NOTE: Feldman Machines are only available to professional tattoo artists currently working in a licensed studio, and will not be sold to the general public.
  • These machines are hand-made by Brandyn Feldman; the appearance of component parts may vary.

    Warranty Service for this item will be provided by the manufacturer.